Repair & Maintenance

We at Yash Analytical are primarily committed to manufacture quality instruments and satisfy our clients to the maximum extent. We aim not only to provide conventional machines but, also an efficient after sales service to our customers. Our team of determined and highly acclaimed professionals are well equipped to handle all types of service issues related to our manufactured and traded mechanism. To provide an additional support we have in existence a good team to handle the call logging services accessible to our customers easily.

It is a widely accepted fact that in such rapid inflation movements, it is a challenge to have a proper control over the allocation of available resources specially, when the prices of spares and other services are uncertain. We at Yash are devoted to offer unforgettable services to our client base. This can be done only with the help of our proactive team we offer to provide. We are bound to keep our clients happy by providing cost effective support to them, thus giving a win-win situation to all.

Annual Maintenance Contracts

In addition to our regular services, we are more than happy to provide custom based annual maintenance contracts (AMC). We are open to design the contract schedule as per the need of the hour of our group of customers. This will prove to be beneficial to the customers at large. Frequent calling and logging for service repairs, machinery maintenance can be avoided. Also it will be a cost saving exercise for our clients as much of the repairing, servicing cost will be minimized.

We are a Manufacturer and Exporter of High Accuracy Spectrometers, Optical Emission Spectrometers, Optical Spectrometers, UV Spectrometers, High Accuracy Optical Emission Spectrometers, Mobile Optical Emission Spectrometers. Additionally, we offer our standard services, such as spectrometer repair and maintenance and annual maintenance contracts.

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