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Optical Emission Spectrometer for Metal Analysis

Yash Analyticals has emerged successfully as one of the ideal manufacturers of Optical Emission spectrometers in the industry. We assemble one of the best-quality, varied types of spectrometers with advanced optical metrology systems and precise optical components. Our firm was set up with the main aim of nurturing the core values of a passion for precision, an obsession with providing high-quality products and services, and a large number of satisfied customers. One of the best-quality optical emission spectrometers for metal analysis manufactured by us is the Metmax spectrometer. A wide range of analyses can be done with the help of our optical spectrometers in laboratories as well as on the production floor. One added advantage of this device is that it can be moved from one place to another as per requirements.

    Features :
    A couple of features of our optical emission spectrometer can be listed as under :
  • Peltier cooled Optic
  • Inbuilt Argon Purifier
  • 32+ Elements
  • CCPS Spark source
  • Upto 600 Hz freq
  • Wire analysis > 3mm
  • Foil analysis > lmm
  • Optical Emission Spectrometer for Metal Analysis

Optical Emission Spectrometer :
A spectrometer as a device is used for measuring wavelength and frequency of light. It also helps in determining and inspecting the atoms present in the sample which is used for testing purpose. There are three common types of spectrometers found across the world which are the mass spectrometer, NMR spectrometer and the optical emission spectrometer. A spectrometer is composed of three parts namely: an optical system that scatters the spectrum, an emission source that produces or creates the spectrum and an instrument to measure the emitted spectral lines. The functioning of an optical emission involves the application of electrical power between an electrode and a metal sample piece, whereby the atom particles are brought to a high energy state. These vaporized atoms and/or ions create an emission spectrum specific to each element and that way each element discharges several emission spectral lines. An optical emission spectrometer or an atomic emission spectrometer does an analysis of optical / light spectrum emitted by an excited metal sample. This excitation could be by a number of means such as application of spark, plasma, flame etc.

Majority of the models available in the market feature the extremely sensitive photo multiplier tubes as this has been the preferred detector choice used by primary metal producers. Precisely, the modern designs of the optical spectrometers focus exclusively on the CMOS (Complimentary metal oxide semi-conductor) and the CCD (Charge couple device) detectors.

An Optical Emission spectrometer for metal analysis is an instrumental tool that employs the principle of light emission to determine the elemental composition of metals. By stimulating a metal analysis using high-energy sources like sparks or arcs, the OES generates a spectrum of light emissions. This spectrum contains distinct wavelengths corresponding to the elemental constituents of the metal. Through careful analysis of these wavelengths, the spectrometer identifies and quantifies the presence of various elements within the sample. OES is widely used in industries such as manufacturing, metallurgy, and material science, providing essential information for quality control, alloy verification, and research purposes.

The technical specification of our manufactured optical emission spectrometers include the details of dimension and weight of our device as below:

  • L X W X H
  • 490 X 750 X 485 mm
  • Weight : 40 KG

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