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Our objective lies in the concept of doing business in a right way and at the right time. Yash Analyticals is here, to provide equipment and know-how, of the best quality to get reliable analytical results. We are in a position to deliver the exact requirements of our customers by combining the latest technology and modern concepts we have with us. We have successfully introduced the new generation of BOSS high accuracy spectrometers that portrays significant innovation in elemental analysis. Being designed as a lightweight device with a small footprint, this can be easily moved to important places. As we are a prime manufacturers of high end ultra violet and visual spectrometers, BOSS high accuracy emission spectrometer has been innovated by us as a stationary instrument which bears the below mentioned features:

  • Temperature controlled Optics
  • Low cost of ownership
  • Wide range of elemental analysis in single base
  • SMPS based spark source

The product :
The spectrometer is a mechanical single beam device that is based on a grating monochromator and a sphere detector unit. A high accuracy spectrometer has been evolved for computing regular spectral transmittance. Around the globe, in all major research labs, three common types of spectrometers can be traced namely, the mass spectrometer, nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) spectrometer and the optical spectrometer. This device is used to count the imbalance of a physical characteristic over a given range i.e. a spectrum. The range of a spectrum in the above three spectrometers can be analyzed in a specified manner. In a mass spectrometer, it can be a mass-to-charge ratio spectrum. In a NMR spectrometer, it can be the variation of nuclear resonant frequencies whereas in an optical spectrometer, it can be the change in the absorption and emission of light with wavelength.

Types :
The different type of spectrometers can be explained in a below manner:

  • 1. Mass spectrometers: In a mass spectrometer, the mass to charge ratio of the sample particles get measured with the process of ionization. During the process of ionization the negatively charged electrons are used for striking the sample selected for testing purposes. The mass spectrometer traces the process of fragmentation and places the result in a mass spectrum. Inevitably, this allows the regulation of the molecular structure of the sample being tested and its chemical composition. This illustrates that mass spectrometry is a sensitive and sophisticated chemical analysis technique.
  • 2. Nuclear magnetic resonance spectrometers: In this type of spectrometers, the physical and molecular structure of the sample being tested, is influenced by measuring the behavior of the nuclei of the sample’s atoms, when these are exposed to a strong magnetic field. These type of spectrometers are frequently used in organic chemistry for identification of compounds in a sample.
  • 3. Optical spectrometers: In this type, the light absorbed by a sample is measured within a definite portion of electromagnetic spectrum. The chemical composition of the sample gets identified due to this process. These are known by other name of spectrophotometers and are considered to be most popularly used in both commercial as well as scientific applications.

The selection of a suitable spectrometer depends upon certain parameters such as cost of the device, size, sensitivity, range, speed, signal to noise ratio, stability, robustness and so on.

    Technical Specifications :
  • Boss High Accuracy Spectrometers Dimension and weight
  • L X W X H
  • 27 X 21.5 X 10 Inch
  • Weight : 35Kgs
  • Voltage 230VAC, 50HZ

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