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Your search for best quality analytical instrument comes to an end at Yash Analytical. We have a range of spectrometers available for utilization by variety of industries. It has been a perceived fact that traditionally charge couple devices spectrometers are expensive and are appropriate for use in demanding laboratories only. We are the manufacturers and suppliers of high quality multi CCD spectrometer SR7000 and to mark a difference in this era of constructive competition, we use high resolution grating and high performance CCD.

An optical spectrometer is an instrument used to analyze the properties of light. It works by separating the light into its constituent wavelengths, or colors, and measuring the intensity of each component. This technique, called spectroscopy, can be used to identify the chemical composition of a substance, determine its physical properties, or study the interactions of light with matter. Optical spectrometers are used in a wide range of applications, from basic research in physics and chemistry to industrial quality control and environmental monitoring. They can be used to analyze the spectrum of light emitted by stars and galaxies, to identify the chemical components of a biological sample, or to measure the concentration of pollutants in air or water. There are different types of optical spectrometers including, the mass spectrometer, the NMR spectrometer and the optical spectrometer.

Optical spectrometers can be classified based on the range of wavelengths they can measure. Some spectrometers are designed to measure only a specific range of wavelengths, such as ultraviolet or infrared light, while others are capable of measuring the full visible spectrum. The performance of an optical spectrometer depends on several factors, including its spectral resolution, sensitivity, and dynamic range. Spectral resolution refers to the ability of the instrument to distinguish between closely spaced wavelengths, while sensitivity refers to its ability to detect weak signals. Dynamic range refers to the range of signal intensities that the spectrometer can measure without clipping the signal. In summary, an optical spectrometer is a versatile instrument that can be used to analyze the properties of light in a wide range of applications. Its ability to separate light into its constituent wavelengths makes it a powerful tool for identifying the chemical composition of a substance, determining its physical properties, or studying the interactions of light with matter.

  • Multi CCD & Multi Optical Spectrometers
  • 56 + Elements
  • 4 - 16 CCD

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